Ati-Yoga Audio Teachings

by Maticintin, Wisdom Master

“Specks of Gold”

A story about a monk who wanted to develop himself more spiritually, and what he discovered from giving himself to living naturally moment to moment, seeing how he could serve as he moved through the world. … (41 min.)

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“An Instant In Consciousness”

Just as a wheel touches the ground at a single point, our consciousness lives in a single instant in time, and as the wheel turns, that one instant of consciousness dies, and simultaneously, another arises to live in that present moment. … (47 min.)

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“Living for the Good of the Whole”

In this Teaching, the Wisdom Master explains the profound impact the simple act of doing everything in your life for the good of the whole, without thought of self, has on the whole, and you as a part of the whole. … (19 min.)

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“The Breath of the Universal Mind”

Like an inhale of breath, the Universal Mind constantly takes in energy from the karmic minds of the sentient life that touch upon it, and then exhales that energy back out as a reflection of what originally touched upon Mind. … (25 min.)

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“The Originator”

In this Teaching, the Wisdom Master explains how we are the originators of our lives, and therefore, how important it is to have clarity in our thoughts, words, and actions….(42 min.)

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“The Impelling Force”

Discover how the impelling force in the universe that originates from the silence, known as the HÜM, is in everything and how it operates in life. … (57 min.)

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“If you could change anything in your life, what would you change? If something doesn’t make you happy, it is illogical to keep it in your life. It is Logic not to hang on to what holds you down!”

Logics from the Third Eye

– Maticintin, Wisdom Master

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