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Spiritual Teachings by Wisdom Master Maticintin

Writing as a Tool for Self-Discovery

“Whether you are a professional but feel that your work is getting stale or an aspiring writer who can’t seem to get started; whether you dream of writing The Great American Novel, a fascinating work of non-fiction, or better memos; this HÜMÜH publication can show you how to achieve your goal, discover your unique inner voice, and enrich your life.”

$15.00 U.S.

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Secrets of the Golden Spiral – Handbook for Enlightenment

Secrets of the Golden Spiral is a compendium of practical wisdom from 15 years of Teaching and guiding others along the spiral path of spiritual evolution. Like nuggets of gold, the material has been gleaned from live Temple talks, previous publications, discourses given at group retreats and open dialogues with students and apprentices.

$34.95 US

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Chod: Cutting Through Obstacles

In this practical and powerful spiritual Teaching, Wisdom Master Maticintin unfolds the ancient Buddhist spiritual practice of Chod.…With habit-shattering clarity and inspiration, the Wisdom Master shows us exactly how, moment by moment, we are the creators of the lives we live.

$18.95 US

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The Book of Creation – Arising of Existence

With startling insight into the most ordinary aspects of daily life, Wisdom Master Maticintin reveals the hidden mechanism through which our own life and all existence around us is constantly created.

(This book’s compact size makes it a travel companion anytime, anywhere.)

$10.00 US

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The Memory Grid Between Life and Death

Rather than viewing death as the end of life, Wisdom Master Maticintin shows us that the death state is actually a memory-grid continuation of the life we are presently living, except it is experienced without a physical body and serves as an interim state for rest, learning, and spiritual insight before the next reincarnation.

$19.95 U.S.

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The Heart Sutra

In this fresh, poetic rendering and its profound commentary, Wisdom Master Maticintin reveals the subtle flowering of the ultimate spiritual commitment.

$18.95 U.S.

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Logics from the Third Eye – Timeless Daily Wisdom

A collection of Primordial Wisdom for each day of the year by Wisdom Master Maticintin on the nature of Divine Logic. The words inspire, penetrate, provoke, comfort, uplift, and perhaps surprise us into a freer, wider view of how we create the lives we live and the tremendous power we have to shape the world by even the smallest choices we make….(size: 4.75″ x 7″)

$24.95 U.S.

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Spiritual Novels

The Awakening Stone

This fascinating spiritual novel is a love story on many levels. Rich in subtle truths, its story winds through the experiences of light and shadow that lead to the discovery of unconditional love–a book whose wealth deepens with each reading.

$24.95 U.S.

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Shaman of Tibet: Milarepa – from Anger to Enlightenment (A biographical novel)

With bold realism and a profound understanding of the unlimited spiritual potential of human nature, Wisdom Master Maticintin creates a spellbinding life of the Buddhist adept Milarepa. Her vivid portrayal of the young man’s journey from anger to enlightenment deftly draws the reader into the ultimate adventure of awakening.

This is a book for every person who desires spiritual heights, but fears they can never make it.

$18.95 U.S.

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Students' Experiences With the Wisdom Master

Children's Story

Life Around Us

Now with Free Sing-Along CD

Delightfully illustrated, Life Around Us, by Wisdom Master Maticintin, leads both children and adults to discover what sentient beings are and how they should be treated.

 $14.95 U.S.

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