Elective Courses for Initiates

Elective Courses provide the Initiate with rich opportunities to study the Teachings at a deeper level....
For Initiates Only

Elective Course for Initiates

by Maticintin, Wisdom Master

Elective Courses (for Initiates only) provide the Initiate with rich opportunities to study the Teachings at a deeper level. Each course encompasses a series of powerful Teachings originally given live by the Wisdom Master on various spiritual topics.

The Initiate receives the course in monthly installments containing the audio presentation of the live Teaching accessible through the online Initiate Library, as well as, a complete transcription booklet, which makes the Teaching accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing.

Choose from the following elective courses:

  • Drinking from the Golden Goblet
  • Awakening in Meditation
  • The Lankavatara Sutra
  • Secrets of the Book of Changes
  • Living as an Enlightened Being - Arousal of Visions
  • Seeing Through Appearances

Please see below for a description for each course.

There is a tremendous advantage to this form of study, because the versatility of listening/reading/studying a single Teaching repeatedly over the course of the month allows the Teaching to penetrate the ordinary consciousness and awaken divine awareness.

Available as 6 months or 12 months subscription:
6 months: $90 U.S.
12 months: $180 U.S.

Choose from the following courses:

Drinking from the Golden Goblet Elective Course

Drinking from the Golden Goblet

In this powerful and practical spiritual Teaching, Wisdom Master Maticintin explores the evolution of the mental state of one who becomes a Sage. Using excerpts from Lao Tzu’s The Golden Goblet—which he also speaks of as The Way—she reveals the universal and timeless meaning within the metaphors of the ancient text in a way that inspires, refreshes, and nourishes the modern mind. In so doing, the Wisdom Master speaks to the unaddressed tensions of a mass-consciousness that is becoming parched for a deeper understanding of the natural state in the midst of a world increasingly focused on competition and driven by technology. Here, the student discovers the magnificent truth that, “The mind is logical without needing to think,” and when the most important knowledge comes “through realization of the true state of essence and life, it cannot cause harm.”

(Number of monthly lessons to be determined)

Awakening in Meditation Elective Course

Awakening in Meditation

In this compelling Teaching series, Wisdom Master Maticintin reveals the nuances of the intimate link between meditation and spiritual Awakening. Using the poetic text of the 17th century Buddhist Master Longchenpa, she guides us step-by-step in experiencing for ourselves how to become The Meditator. As the mind quiets, compulsive habits fall away, and a pure and radiant pleasure arises that dissolves any false sense of separation. The joy of a conditionless way of being begins to emerge…abide…and expand into a way of living that is bigger than the limitations of cause and effect.

(17 monthly lessons)


Lankavatara Sutra Elective Course

The Lankavatara Sutra

Often called The Sutra of Noble Wisdom, this Teaching reveals the dual nature of the illusionary world we live in. The Wisdom Master leads us step by step to see that only when life is perceived from the equanimity of the unified overview of Clear Mind can the ordinary actions of daily life become a joyous living meditation.

(21 monthly lessons)

Book of Changes Elective Course

Secrets of the Book of Changes

(A Course in the Spiritual Principles of the I CHING)

This fascinating practical course reveals the merger of the ancient spiritual principles of Taoism and Buddhism as embodied in the system of spiritual guidance and divination known popularly as the I Ching. The student is led into a deep understanding of how energy operates and how life situations are created, destroyed, and transformed through the unification of the yin and yang principles.

(13 monthly lessons)


Living as an Enlightened Being Electiv Course

Living as an Enlightened Being - Arousal of Visions -

In this powerful and penetrating exploration of how we dream our life into existence, Wisdom Master Maticintin guides us in a spiritual understanding of how to use the body senses without being caught in the oblivion that arises from the ego’s identification with body feelings. She shows us that if we constantly focus on how the body feels, then our awareness is dulled, and we “can’t be independent enough to heal the body when it needs healing.” Instead, she leads us to discover how to perceive and then create “conditions that make a vision of life from enlightenment” and the joy that then arises from a mental state where there is only…“the reflection of oneness.” 

(14 monthly lessons)

Seeing Through Appearances Elective Course

Seeing Through Appearances

Wisdom Master Maticintin invites us to explore the spiritual adventure of learning to penetrate every aspect of life as an open-dimensional experience, an approach so natural in its movement that striving is eliminated. The key to such effortless effort is to set aside conditioned mental habits and operate from the majestic awareness inherent within us.

(16 monthly lessons)