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Clear-Light Living Meditation

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The Journey of 1,000 Days

As we delve deeper into the light of awareness, we discover the depth of meditation and come to realize, through our own experiences, that we are divinity wearing a body and that the purpose of life is to wake up to that fact.

There are 10 Levels of Living Light Meditation, one building upon the next. Thus, each level must be mastered before the next level can open up. The fastest possible time is 100 consecutive days on each level, or a Journey of 1,000 Days.

Level One - The Joyous ObserverLevel One—The Joyous Observer

Here, the practitioners learn to see the light both all around them and with the eyes closed, or almost closed, or in the dark. They come to recognize the presence of light while moving around with eyes open and how light is constantly present in every thing, every action, every person, every image. They become adept at looking for and seeing the light throughout the day, noticing light and shadow, being aware of contrasts, noting the shine of light off objects and persons. At night, they fall asleep that way—looking at the light.

The observer’s life is revamped into a giving and receiving mode, whereby one’s entire life viewpoint is corrected to a stance of giving without ulterior motive or hidden agendas, with no expectations or attachments. Thus, one acts in service from the divine perspective of ‘for the good of the whole.’ It is from this life-stance that giving becomes receiving to eliminate worry and frustration, which are aspects of poverty consciousness.

Level Two - The DetectorLevel Two—The Detector

Once the practitioners are aware of the light and able to see it with eyes open and closed, they begin to develop a quiet mind. Now, because they can see the light with eyes closed, they discipline the mind to be quiet by observing what stimulates mental chatter, rather than obliviously engaging in the mental chatter or identifying with mental images. Sitting meditation then becomes a period of ‘getting acquainted’ with the light, looking for the light, and shutting the door on mental chatter.

The Detector reaches a point of realization about their spiritual practice—i.e. Wish-Fulfilling Gem Mantra, Clear-Light Living Meditation, the presence of the Three Jewels (The Teacher, the Teachings, and The Path), and the Seven Gates of HÜMÜH*, in conjunction with the development of a quiet mind, which thereby perfects the self-discipline in regard to these spiritual practices.

Level 3 - The Dreamer & VisionaryLevel Three—The Dreamer and Visionary

As the practitioners start to master quieting the mind and become more acquainted with the light, they begin to notice a mottled, black and white screen on the inside of the eyelids, little dots of light and dark mixed together. This is called the mesh, a place where light reflects and mental imagery is born. Here, the practitioners develop the discipline to maintain their awareness of this mental screen. As they concentrate on the mesh, it gradually moves away from the inside of their eyelids and sinks deeper and deeper inside of them. Blotches of light begin to appear, but the practitioners just let them come and go, gazing quietly at the mesh without expectations. Eventually, the light forms into pictures and scenes from the past that are displayed against the screen. The practitioners learn to observe the images without trying to direct them or getting caught up in the stories they present. The practitioners begin to explore the mesh with the awareness that comes from a quiet mind.

At this level, the Dreamer and Visionary gains insight into the impermanent, transient nature of existence. He does this through observation and relationship with people, things and situations, and develops virtuous patience in enduring difficulties while assisting other sentient beings. This is accomplished through his own self-refinement, which has cut off the three roots of unwholesomeness: the roots of desire, hatred, and delusion.

The attainment of this level is made possible through determination and satiety with worldly life and obsessiveness. As a result, the Dreamer and Visionary acquires the five supernatural powers: 1) the ability to transmute energy; 2) to hear divinely (to discern the energy within sounds); 3) to perceive the thoughts and energies of other human beings; 4) to recollect some previous existences; and 5) to see with the divine eyes, which means he contains knowledge of the impermanence of life and the consequential cycles of birth and death.

In the final development of this stage, one attains the ability to always abide in the principles concordant with enlightenment by being able to make corrections that return one’s mind to its dispassionate center or to reclaim a state of equanimity. Continued...

*More information on the Wish-Fulfilling Gem Mantra, The Three Jewels, and the Seven Gates of HÜMÜH can be found in the Secrets of the Golden Spiral.

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