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Clear-Light Living Meditation

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Clear-Light Living MeditationMeditation is the greatest adventure there is. In its truest sense, meditation is about realizing exactly how we create our lives, and by extension, who we truly are and what life is really all about.

Here’s the thing: we are not our bodies. We have to accept that premise first. We know our bodies die, so we can’t be our bodies. We can feel that, if we consider it. Our bodies are just composites of karma, the memories that we carry from this life and previous ones.

We are far greater than our bodies or our karma. We are divinity wearing a body, and the essential quality of divinity is light.

The Illuminating Power of Light

When we look at a light bulb, or the sun, or an after image behind our eyes, we say to ourselves, “Oh, there’s light,” and then dismiss it. It is so commonplace that we gloss over the fact that everything we see with our physical eyes and mind’s eye is a play of light.

Clear-Light Living Meditation is a state of pure absorptive awareness in that light of consciousness. Anybody can access it, because that clear light is the true nature of all sentient life. We only need to discover how to access it.

Learning to Live the Light

We begin to develop this ability through maintaining conscious awareness of both the inner and outer light at all times. The outer light we see with our eyes is simply a physical manifestation of that inner light of divinity. By doing this, we expand that divine light within ourselves. This is the first level of Clear-Light Living Meditation.

Meditation is a living practice that we take into every aspect of our lives. When we put our attention on the light, it naturally quiets the mind and the body becomes more relaxed, which allows us greater focus, free from mental distractions. It is a present moment awareness, which means there is no split in our attention. We are aware of our environment and what is occurring in it. Therefore, we avoid unwanted circumstances because we see what needs to be done and do it.

Once we start to become acquainted with the light and the experiences that result, we begin to see meditation as an adventure, and we treasure our meditation time. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Continued...

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