Ati-Yoga Audio Teachings

by Maticintin, Wisdom Master

“Electric Space”

In this Teaching, the Wisdom Master reveals how electricity is everywhere, that it fills space, and how through developing our awareness of being aware, we can come to observe how this electricity comes about and how it operates, not only within our own bodies and in our interactions with others, but in all of life around us. … (31 min.)

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“Your Christmas Story”

The Wisdom Master explains this innate capacity we have to feel through our bodies the energy around us, to know what will nourish and what will not, and how to avoid becoming confused by what we perceive energetically. … (55 min.)

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“The Originator”

In this Teaching, the Wisdom Master explains how we are the originators of our lives, and therefore, how important it is to have clarity in our thoughts, words, and actions. … (42 min.)

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“Stop Clinging to What You Fear”

In this Teaching, the Wisdom Master encourages us to stop grabbing at things and operating from fear, and instead, discover the never-ending expansion and freedom that comes from fearless spiritual exploration. … (48 min.)

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“Living for the Good of the Whole”

In this Teaching, the Wisdom Master explains the profound impact the simple act of doing everything in your life for the good of the whole, without thought of self, has on the whole, and you as a part of the whole. … (19 min.)

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“Specks of Gold”

A story about a monk who wanted to develop himself more spiritually, and what he discovered from giving himself to living naturally moment to moment, seeing how he could serve as he moved through the world. … (41 min.)

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“The Non-Clinging of Concentration”

In perfect concentration, there is no clinging, no distractions, because there is no looking at self, instead the mind is still, tranquil and free, completely focused with awareness on where you have placed your attention. … (46 min.)

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“The Impelling Force”

Discover how the impelling force in the universe that originates from the silence, known as the HÜM, is in everything and how it operates in life. … (57 min.)

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"If you could change anything in your life, what would you change? If something doesn't make you happy, it is illogical to keep it in your life. It is Logic not to hang on to what holds you down!"

Logics from the Third Eye

- Maticintin, Wisdom Master

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