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Shaman of Tibet
With bold realism and a profound understanding
of the unlimited spiritual potential of human nature, Wisdom Master Maticintin creates a spellbinding life of the Buddhist adept Milarepa. Her vivid portrayal of the young man's journey from anger to enlightenment deftly draws the reader into the ultimate adventure of awakening.

This a book for every person who desires spiritual heights, but fears they can never make it.

1994, 294 pages, soft cover 6 x 9,
ISBN: 978-0-932927-10-6, $18.95



Shaman of Tibet: Milarepa - From Anger to Enlightenment - "A biographical novel about Tibet's great Yogi Milarepa who lived in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Written by Wisdom Master Maticintin and published in 1994 by Higher Consciousness Books, it's a book that educates by engaging the reader.  Milarepa's story is interesting, dynamic, mysterious, painful, full of humanity and discovery.  However, it is the manner of telling that substantiates Shaman...and facilitates Master Maticintin's intent to convey useful spiritual ideas.

"Subtle ideas and true knowledge are embedded in characters, and in that way vivified. To do this an author must more fully understand what is being conveyed so the knowledge is presented in an effective and timely way. There are degrees of understanding, and understanding exceeds intellectual comprehension as the square of a number exceeds the number. It is very difficult. When it is accomplished, the reader can feel as well as cognize the thought.  Master Maticintin succeeds admirably and in such a way that, even if one has no interest in esoteric knowledge, the characters have depth, are believable, and come to life. Even younger people will enjoy this book which will constructively unfetter their imaginations: they will love Milarepa, the friend, and have lively feelings about various other characters in the book."

-Dr. Joseph Ray

"The search for enlightenment can take any form, any path imaginable, yet all seekers arrive at the same ultimate Realization.  Shaman of Tibet chronicles the most unusual journey to enlightenment of the great Tibetan master, Milarepa.  Interestingly, this book reads like an autobiography, although Milarepa lived almost one thousand years ago. Master Maticintin was clearly inspired by Milarepa himself, from whatever level of reality he is presently occupying.

Just as we can deduce from the first person narrative of this intimate, gripping story that spirit lives eternal and that as beings we never die, so too are there many other wonderful insights that lift one's consciousness throughout this book. Be prepared to read it in an uninterrupted fashion.  Milarepa's journey from "anger to enlightenment" (his words) is both magical and agonizing in the extreme.  His story begins as a young man, when his mother charges him with a mission to avenge his family, who have been robbed of their inheritance by a greedy uncle.   She sends him to apprentice with an evil black magician, who promises to teach him how to destroy his enemies—for a price. Milarepa agrees, and pays the price, which is dear indeed.

Nevertheless, almost in spite of himself, he awakens one day at the house of this true guru, Marpa, having been found naked and unconscious. From being literally at death's door, he begins to rise to Marpa's monumental challenges, finally gaining true enlightenment in a miraculous fashion.  Along the way, we are able to share the spiritual insights and realizations of Milarepa as they unfold in all their subtlety and glory.

To tell you more would spoil this most eloquent, master work. Read it for yourself and be both entertained and enlightened!"

- Joseph Anatree, author
- Rayes of Light, Spring 1994

"...a true master work.  It has the power to transform the consciousness!  While reading it, I found myself completely involved and experienced the feelings and events in which Milarepa was involved.  And these experiences brought about a change in me."

-Bettine Clemen, World Class Flutist

"...a profound spiritual experience. You don't just read it, you live and realize and grow spiritually from it.  Not just a book, but a profound spiritual truth made manifest."

-Linda Schwartz, Psychologist