HÜMÜH Transcendental Buddhism - School of Ati-Yoga

Logics from the Thirde EyeLarger view of pg. 109

All Logic is Divine Logic
(not to be confused with rationalization), the deep and inexorable Truth that flows through the movements and manifestations of all that exists. It enacts, whether we consciously move in concert with it, or unconsciously endure conditions in our lives we do not want. It is the simple, mutable, dynamic law of the way energy works. Buddhism refers to it as 'Dharma.'

...To the scientist as well as the layman, this higher consciousness view, logic, illuminates how divinity operates. It reveals the perceivable pathway of Truth at work in our lives. It demonstrates how the feelings we carry, and the actions we take based on those feelings, result precisely in the nature of the situations and relationships we live out.

...Logics from the Third Eye is a collection of oratory by Wisdom Master Maticintin on the nature of Divine Logic. The words are meant to inspire, penetrate, provoke, comfort, uplift, and perhaps surprise us into a freer, wider view of how we create the lives we live and the tremendous power we have to shape the world by even the smallest choices we make....

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