HÜMÜH Transcendental Buddhism - School of Ati-Yoga

HÜMÜH Daily Prayers and ChantsThis beautiful little daily prayer book contains the magnificent Wish-Fulfilling Gem Mantra, along with other daily HÜMÜH prayers and chants that are cornerstones for spiritual practice: The Invocation for a Happy Life, The Heart Sutra, The Bodhisattva Prayer, The Meal-time Prayer, and The Secret Formula for the Resoution of Karma, as well as two poems by Wisdom Master Maticintin. It also contains a special section: The Root Teachings of HÜMÜH.

This book is available to initiates only.
(NEW initiates must first request it from the
Wisdom Master)

2013, 77 pages, softcover 4.25 x 7, $10