HÜMÜH Transcendental Buddhism - School of Ati-Yoga

Come Dance With MeCome Dance with Me is a collection of stories about students' interactions with the Wisdom Master and the illumniations that are born from these moments. A Wisdom Master is one who see the distinctions and subtleties of life, and as a result, displays clarity, a clarity that sees beyond duality, through illusion, to the reality of the oneness of all life.

Some stories are brief exchanges in passing, and others took weeks or years to unfold, but all have one thing in common--they made the student aware of their habitual, self-serving behavior and the life-situational obstructions it caused. This is a collection of stories about people learning to dance to the cadence of their divinity.

"Come dance with me," the Wisdom Master beckons, and a brave few answer the call....

2006, 212 pages, soft cover 6 x 9,
ISBN: 978-0-932927-24-8, $17.95