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CD Sets
by Maticintin, Wisdom Master

Buddhist-Taoist Way of Living the VITAL LIFE FORCE
~ Drinking from the Golden Goblet ~

Vital Life Force - Golden GobletIn this eye-opening and inspiring series, Wisdom Master Maticintin offers the listener a fresh and powerful natural way of viewing the life force that animates our bodies and minds. Too often, we assume health is only about the physical systems of the human body. We look at organ function and genetics. We seek chemical and organic remedies. But we seldom, if ever, look deeper and wonder about the quality of the life force itself and how it originates, invigorates, and sustains the overall functioning of body, mind, and spirit. In Teachings that combine the wisdom of the ancient Buddhist and Taoist masters with a keen understanding of the pressures and possibilities of modern living, the Wisdom Master offers an inspiring and intimate view of how the life force itself is naturally strengthened or weakened in its continuous flow within each person and its constant interconnection with life around us.

1. The Golden Goblet
2. The Natural Way
3. Deviations from the Natural Way
4. The Spiritual Light
5. Pure Sincerity
6. The Natural Way of Giving
7. Natural and Un-Natural People

2013, 6 CDs, $34.95 US

HÜMÜH Gathering CD Set:
"Opening the Treasure Chamber: Discover Divinity Within"

(Also known as Abhidharma-Kosha)

Teachings and talks, recorded live at the Sedona Gathering
with Maticintin, Wisdom Master and HÜMÜH Senior Monastics & Initiates

2013 HUMUH Gathering CD setIn these powerful presentations, recorded live, Wisdom Master Maticintin reveals a series of very enlightening Ancient Teachings about the nature of the Treasure Chamber that lies hidden away within each person. She leads us to see that these Secret Teachings are not really secret, but that they are merely beyond ordinary perception. Once the leaden veil of ordinary consciousness is lifted, we, as the listener, are gifted with an extraordinary opportunity to glimpse the higher aspects of our life and its purpose.

In brief talks and anecdotes, HÜMÜH Monks also share sincere and sometimes humorous experiences from their own journeys of spiritual evolution and the great gift and privilege it is to be able to work with a living Wisdom Master.

Teachings by Maticintin, Wisdom Master:

• Mystical Reverberations Within One’s Mind
• Treasure Chamber: ‘The Polished Mirror’
• Treasure Chamber: ‘The Spirited Force’

Talks by HÜMÜH Senior Monastics and Monks:
• Learning Unconditional Love
• Learning To Trust
• What It Takes To Let Go
• Getting To Know How Life Works
• What It Means To Really Give Yourself To The Teachings

2013, 4 CDs., $29.99 US


HÜMÜH Gathering CD Set:
"Aligning with Your Spiritual Destiny - Your Unlimited Self"

Teachings and talks, recorded live at the Lake Powell Gathering
with Maticintin, Wisdom Master and HÜMÜH Senior Monastics & Initiates

Aligning with Your Spiritual Destiny - CD set
This CD set of Wisdom Master Maticintin’s illuminating and inspiring Teachings offers a grand, loving revelation of how impressions from past and present affect our ability to align with our spiritual destiny, so we can then make conscious choices from love and compassion, and thus, create a life we want to live.

Also included are honest, and sometimes humorous, talks by long-time Initiates of the Wisdom Master as they reveal what it is like to work personally with an Awakened Spiritual Teacher, and how those years of sincere interaction have freed and enriched their lives.

Talks by Maticintin, Wisdom Master:
• Impressions Within One's Consciousness
• The Impactful Meanings of Compassion and Unconditional Love
• Aligning With Your Spiritual Destiny, or: Having What You Want In Life

Talks by HÜMÜH Senior Monastics and Initiates:
• Work as Spiritual Practice
• Family and Spirituality
• Problem Solving through Intuition
• Receiving the Ghosa

2012, 4 CDs., $29.99 US

Monk's Meeting at the HÜMÜH Gathering

Monk's Meeting CD- For Monks Only! - This powerful talk by Wisdom Master Maticintin offers practical and inspiring guidance on how to deepen your understanding of the Monk's Vow in order live it more fully in the world. Taking the listener through each promise that is part of the Vow and helping us see how to stay true to the integrity of its essence, the Wisdom Master cautions, “If you begin to interpret the Monk’s Vow to fit situations taking place in the world, that’s where you start getting into trouble.” She then further explains that, “All moments are part of the Now—the past, present, and future; they are not separate.” When we live our vow impeccably in the Now, the past is embraced in that current living, and so, becomes impeccably clean, and the future unfolds from that.

2012, 1 CD., $15.00 - For Monks Only! - To order, please call the office at (800) 336-6015.

Ati-Yoga Training, Volume 1

Ati-Yoga Training, Vol. 1
• Ati-Yoga and the Three Vehicles of Buddhism
• The Circle of Ati-Yoga
• Freeing the Buddha Nature
• The Experiential Mind
• Gazing Instructions
• All Conditions are Contained in the Mind
• The Seer and the Seen
• The Bodhisattva Miracle: Part 1
• The Bodhisattva Miracle: Part 2 - Clarification About the Bodhisattva Miracle
• The Bodhisattva Miracle: Part 3 - Viewpoints Control Conditions

The Wisdom Master begins by showing how Ati-Yoga arises naturally out of the Teaching viewpoints of the Three Vehicles of Buddhism: Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana, as they were taught progressively by Sakyamuni Buddha. She reveals how the essential viewpoint of each of these Teaching Vehicles addresses and provokes the ever-expanding awareness of the student.

Beginning with guiding the student into a profound understanding of the view of karma (Hinayana), Sakyamuni then led the student to the meditative discovery of the view of the interconnectedness of all life (Mahayana). From the high points of these two views, the student was then brought into the view of Divine Oneness. This view from the Oneness then culminated in the realization of one’s own participation as divine creator of life through merger with that interdependent origin of diamond essence, known as Vajrayana.

Incorporating the essence of all previous viewpoints of the Buddhist Teaching Vehicles
, Ati-Yoga, or what can be called the Fourth Vehicle of Buddhism, lifts ‘beyond’ them. Like the jewel in the lotus of Awakening, it arises naturally out of that ascending, cumulative expansion of awareness. Wisdom Master Maticintin shows us that, rather than a ‘view,’ Ati-Yoga is the divine natural state itself.

2011, 9 CDs., $99.00 US

The Light of Wisdom - Journey of 1,000 Days
Empowerment Audio Teachings

The Light of WisdomIn this stunning audio presentation, Wisdom Master Maticintin intrigues and empowers her listeners by revealing the nature of the ten meditative stages that unfold into the light of endless awakening. With the clear direction and deft description of one who has made the journey and is still exploring the realms beyond, she shows the meditator how and where to begin, gives insight into why meditation may not be progressing, and offers clear, experiential markers for the shifts that take place naturally along the way. She invites the listener into a dedicated journey of 1,000 days, where each level of Clear-Light Living Meditation receives committed attention for at least 100 consecutive days before moving on to the next.

Anyone sincerely interested in developing spiritually will find these deeply inspiring talks extremely helpful. They ring with a clarity that is spiced with humor and a rich understanding of human nature in all its foibles and potential for greatness. Best of all, the voice of the Wisdom Master remains available to encourage and guide us throughout the journey to live from the liberated place of the pure light of divinity that we really are.

2009, 12 CDs., $99.00 US

The Golden Dream
Milarepa - From Anger to Enlightenment
Audio CD set of the biographical novel 'Shaman of Tibet' by Wisdom Master Maticintin
Read by: Liam McKeever

The Golden Dream CD set"Wisdom Master Maticintin has a profound understanding of Milarepa, of reality itself, and her words can at times take on a luster and shine in the dark of our despair. There is a paradox within paradox here culminating in trust and love and acceptance of a ll states of mind and being. A fine book."
-- The Book Reader

"Once in a while, a (story) turns up in my life that is completely magical; one that, while reading it, nothing else exists--not the dog, the dishes or the laundry. [The Golden Dream] whisked me away to a different time, place and reality, and I loved every minute of it."
--Kitty Marini, Spellbound Books

For more information about this novel, click here.

This is a story for every person who desires spiritual heights
but fears they can never really make it.

2012, 9 CDs., $59.00 US