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The Awakening StoneThis fascinating spiritual novel is a love story on many levels. Rich in subtle truths, its story winds through the experiences of light and shadow that lead to the discovery of unconditional love--a book whose wealth deepens with each reading.

"A fascinating and well-written account of a person’s inner journey. I have truly enjoyed it and look forward to more."     
Lynn V. Andrews, author, Medicine Woman

"A very moving book, beautifully written; more perhaps of a prose poem, elegant in approach, joyful and delicate in execution."  
Richard Ford, author, Quest for the Faradawn

"An absorbing and thoughtful book. It is one which can be reread many times—and with each reading its meaningfulness expands."  
Hilda Frost, World Review

"I found it absolutely fascinating… a book that is true on so many different levels."
George G. Ritchie, MD., Psychiatrist, author, Return from Tomorrow

2003, 366 pages, softcover 6 x 9, ISBN: 978-0-932927-19-X, $24.95