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By: Maticintin, Wisdom Master



Join in this beautiful chant that arose from the Awakened Heart/Mind of Wisdom Master Maticintin as a divine love gift and spiritual antidote to release the deep suffering caused by unreleased anger and hurt. Its underlying restorative premise is the discovery and recovery of the awareness of the divine sameness we share with all life that exists deeper than the karmic differences that seem to divide us. Unresolved anger injures body, mind, and spirit, and makes joyful resolution and forward healthy movement impossible.

The Wisdom Master shows us that what we dislike so much in another is a mirror of something we, too, carry inside us, in some way. Once we accept this, we “can love each other unconditionally, without the conditions of our mindsets saying they have to be a certain way….Then, when things go wrong…we can feel compassion.”* We can let go because we, too, have made mistakes, and we no longer cling to an idea of the way things have to be.

(50 min.)

Listen to a sample:

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