Living for the Good of the Whole

Recreating Balance on Our Planet...

The method is simple… 

Instead of dwelling on desire & wishful thinking, 
begin living for the good of the whole. 

Arise each morning with a prayer that says,  
“I live this day for the good of the whole.” 
Then…remember your vow throughout the day. 
Very subtle but profoundly uplifting changes will come to pass around you. 

You are a part of the whole, 
so you will naturally reap the benefits 
of living in this way,
and all of life and its life forms will benefit. 

Out of such UNITY with life
a better world will emerge. 

Maticintin, Wisdom Master

Listen to the Audio Teaching by Wisdom Master Maticintin

“Living for the Good of the Whole” (19 min.)

©p 2018 Maticintin

Calling the 5 Primordial Buddha Energies...

Listen to the Wisdom Master calling the Five Buddha Energies –
and feel free to chant along…

©p 2018 Maticintin

Beloved Seekers of Wisdom….

Right now our society is undergoing great turmoil as we approach the New Year. 2017 is more than an ordinary new year; it is a year of a new beginnings that could change humanity from wanting to do things for the good of the whole, to bettering select individuals. As a result, more than ever before, people will strive to be one of the select individuals and to succeed in this, the mind poisons of lust, greed, pride, anger and clinging to things will be rampant, unless we act united for the good of the whole. Remember, you are a part of whole, so all your needs are taken care of when you live for the upliftment of all life. 
You have the ability to lighten the horizon of this foreseen future. 
There are 5 Primordial Buddha Energies that we can call upon to restore balance in the world — Vairocana (wisdom), Vajrasattva (purity), Ratnasambhava (clarity), Amitabha (compassion), and Amoghasiddhi (fearlessness). I ask that you chant the names of these Buddha Energies to fill your mind with them. Memorize them and hold them in your mind. Chant them both silently, as well as aloud all throughout your day to day life. Below is the manner in which they should be intoned:


If you will sing these Buddha Energies, your own life will be uplifted in every way, including uplifting others around you…..You will be living for the good of the whole, of which you are a part.
Maticintin, Wisdom Master