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Wisdom Master Maticintin invites you to learn to go beyond the limited notions of ordinary consciousness and ordinary hearing and discover the real power of deep listening.

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Wisdom Master Maticintin invites you to learn to go beyond the limited notions of ordinary consciousness and ordinary hearing and discover the real power of deep listening.

Listening is not confined to auditory perception alone. It is the cumulative result of learning to develop an inner awareness that perceives through looking, feeling, smelling, touching, and using all the other senses, including intuition, which arises from that inner awareness. It is only the limited ‘idea’ that a deaf person has to depend only on their sight to make up for ‘hearing loss’ that prevents them from discovering this deep listening from awareness of being aware. Awareness of being aware means that as you are able to listen more and more deeply from that place of balanced, inner quiet without having thoughts, ideas or opinions, you develop an ability to know immediately and naturally what is happening as you see things, situations, and people around you, and you intuitively know how to act, respond, and work with life in harmony. From that place of deep listening from looking and using your senses that is so different, because it is beyond the limitations of ordinary consciousness, you are also able to use your body as a “radar unit” and truly perceive energy around you—its movement and the nature and quality of its vibration. Gaining such knowledge and perception from deep listening helps you make conscious choices that benefit many aspects of your own life, like your health, your relationships, or your work, and also benefit others.

Wisdom Master Maticintin shows us that deafness does not have to stop us from discovering the potential that is our spiritual birth right to tap into the Unlimited Consciousness, which is completely different from ordinary consciousness. The Wisdom Master invites us to discover and explore our full potential as spiritual beings and learn to ‘hear without hearing.’

The Wisdom Master invites you to join her on the Path of HÜMÜH.

Comment from a current Initiate

“When I first met the Wisdom Master at Skycliffe, it had a striking effect on me. I had the opportunity to be present for a Teaching. Since this was a spontaneous change in plans, there was no time for the staff to set up captions for the Teaching, which is what HÜMÜH always does for its deaf initiates. For the very first time in my life, I sat close to the Wisdom Master as she taught without my actually, literally understanding the words she used. I sat there in rapt silence and attention because I felt as if there was something more going on than just the words she was saying.  I could feel the energy that flowed from her to me as she taught.  I was moved to tears without physically hearing a word that was said. I became an initiate of HÜMÜH soon after this experience.  This journey I have taken with the Wisdom Master thus far has transformed my life in so many ways.”

Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions may help shed light on some questions you might have about becoming an Initiate on the Path of HÜMÜH.

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An Initiate is a student enrolled in the HÜMÜH Initiate Program.
An Initiate receives Primordial Teachings, tools, and techniques from the Wisdom Master to study and spiritually practice. The Initiate makes a commitment to spiritually progress in this lifetime, and that commitment becomes an ‘agreement’ to work with the Wisdom Master and have her guide the Initiate’s spiritual development.

‘Wisdom Master’ is the title of respect given to a person who has attained God Realization.
God Realization is an awakened state beyond attainment of enlightenment. A Wisdom Master naturally possesses inherent knowledge about how the mind of each sentient life form operates, how life and death operate, how universes exist, and how the Pure Mind operates. A Wisdom Master has access to God/Void. A Wisdom Master is as rare as finding a diamond in the ocean.

It is difficult for us to see what we are doing that causes stress, unhappiness, or suffering in our lives.
And because we can’t see what we are doing, it’s hard to see how to change the unwanted circumstances into what we want in our lives. A Spiritual Teacher, who is Awake, sees through the appearances of life, and, therefore, can see our limitations and point out directions that may allow us to rise above such difficulties and move forward. A Spiritual Teacher is compassionate and unconditionally loving, and works with people who sincerely want spiritual freedom.

The Wisdom Master completely understands this concern.
The Wisdom Master teaches people of different languages and knows everyone has the capacity to develop spiritually. The Wisdom Master has worked with deaf students for many years and HÜMÜH has developed many ways to support communication and learning.

As an Initiate, you are encouraged to e-mail the Wisdom Master and ask for clarification on the Teachings you read, hear, or see signed in ASL. The Wisdom Master and the Spiritual Council will respond in clearest way possible.

You will receive the First Initiation right away, and you will have access to the Deaf Initiate Library, which includes transcriptions of supplemental Teachings, as well as, Teachings in ASL. In addition, after the first month, you will receive a Journey in the mail each month, and from the beginning, your spiritual progress will be mentored by the Wisdom Master and the Spiritual Council.
Depending upon your study and applications of the Teachings to your spiritual practice and your daily life, you will deepen your understanding of spirituality. Your new discoveries from doing the spiritual practices recommended by the Wisdom Master will help change how you see life and serve you in ways that will bring happiness and a feeling of peace.

It is important to honor and work with the Teachings in a committed way at your own pace.
The Wisdom Master holds no expectations, and encourages us not to “rush” anything as we spiritually practice, but to give ourselves wholeheartedly to living the Teachings to the best of our present ability.