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Skycliffe Summer Program 2018

Summer Retreats and Classes

~ Build your own Spiritual Reatreat ~

The spring and summer are brimming with opportunity…

Heartbeat Retreat

Wisdom Master Maticintin is Teaching the Heartbeat Retreat on Tuesdays and Sundays throughout the summer.

You’ll learn to pace your heart with views of the natural world, as well as establishing a rhythm to the HÜM and Wish-Fulfilling Gem Mantras. 

Spontaneous group discussions with the Wisdom Master.

Build your own spiritual retreat by choosing from a rich variety of retreats and classes that are golden opportunities for your spiritual development.

Study with Senior Monks trained by the Wisdom Master in a class to fit your schedule. Take one class one day and another class the next – or explore some more by taking a class for several days. All retreats and classes require a 3-day minimum stay.

Everyone is welcome for ALL classes and retreats!

Choose from the following retreats and classes:

Tai Kar Chi

Movement of Spirit

Tai Kar Chi

Taught by Senior Monks.

Long before the dawn of martial arts there was a Third Eye Vision practice called TAI KAR CHI based on Living Naturally at one with all living things in life, also known as ‘Movements of Spirit.’ This class will show you a new way of releasing tension of body and mind from an ancient practice.

Unconditional Love

Taught by Senior Monks.

When one’s heart opens, the sharp edges of life disappear, and we become blessed in every way. This class will give you a new outlook on life; a new view.

Spiritual Boot Camp

Taught by Senior Monks.

You will be trained to do things in life while in Third Eye Vision with empowering results. Adapted to personal fitness levels.

Living the Present Moment Retreat

Taught by Senior Monks.

Learn methods to practice keeping your attention in the present moment.

Three Bowls of Rice

You will go to a secluded place for a special 3-day life contemplation. Each day, you will be given a bowl of rice and instructions for contemplation. Except for the small amount of daily rice and honey, this is a fasting retreat.

Ancient Passage into the Mysteries of Silence Retreat

Ancient Mysteries

Taught by Senior Monks.

In this retreat you will learn about the sounds of silence and how to make use of them.

Stop, Look & See Retreat

Stop, Look & See Retreat

Taught by Senior Monks.

This retreat is very profound in developing your innate awareness.

Consciousness Studies

Consciousness Studies

Taught by Senior Monks.

All sentient life has  consciousness, and in this retreat you will learn to recognize the consciousness of beings in the environment, and learn how to interact with them through a Native means called Shanunpa.

To make your reservations, please contact the HÜMÜH office at:

250-446-2022 or 800-336-6015 or

Retreats and classes are accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.