Skycliffe HÜMÜH Buddhist Monastery

Personal Comforts and Safety Information

If you need something...

Our goal is to take care of our Skycliffe guests as if they were our own family.
If you have any questions or need something, we will do our best to make your time at Skycliffe as comfortable as possible.

Phone Calls
Cell Phones do not work in our mountain valley. Due to our remote setting, we have only a couple of phone lines to accommodate all office and retreatant needs. One line is always kept free for incoming business and emergency calls. Explain these circumstances to your family, but let them know they can always leave emergency messages on the main number, and we will get them to you.

There is an outside “Phone Booth” on the West side of the Main Lodge for the use of guests and residents. Calling cards or 800 numbers can be used, or you can reverse charges by calling collect.

Internet and Lap Tops
Limited internet access is available in the Dining Hall between the hours of 5:00-9:00 pm at a cost of $10 per day. After you arrive, please check with the Office prior to using the internet. Laptops need to be stored in your room or car and brought back and forth to the Dining Hall. Laptops may be used in your rooms, but internet access is only available in the Dining Hall.

Check-out time is 11:00 am on the day you leave. However, you are very welcome to find a location for your suitcases and stay for the noon meal and longer, if you wish, before leaving the grounds. (There will be an additional charge for that meal.) Kindly make your reservation for the extra meal a day or two in advance with the vice-abbots’ office so you can be included in the noon meal count for the day of your departure
. If you would like the shuttle service to Rock Creek Greyhound, please let us know a couple days in advance.

Critters and Snacks
You are welcome to bring snacks, but it is suggested that you keep them in tightly sealed bags or containers to avoid drawing the interest of wildlife to your lodging or camping area. Be especially careful in this regard if you are camping.

Fire Precaution
No open flames are permitted anywhere at Skycliffe – in buildings, on the grounds, in the forest, or on the riverbanks. This means no candles, incense, campfires, bonfires, propane camping stoves, etc. We are in a beautiful, but remote, area far from fire trucks, etc. We are also a wildlife sanctuary.

Courtesies While Visiting

Your gracious thoughtfulness in regard to the following items will help maintain the pristine natural environment of Skycliffe for all who live and visit here.

There are no TV’s in the rooms, but you are welcome to bring along headphones if you wish to listen to CD’s.

Smoking and illegal drugs are not permitted at Skycliffe in any of the buildings or anywhere on the property. Discreet amounts of alcohol are permitted in your lodging; however, disturbing intoxication could result in termination of the visit without reimbursement.

Let it be your heart that remembers….Please do not take photographs or videos anywhere within the Skycliffe grounds, for any purpose whatsoever. Thank you.