Skycliffe HÜMÜH Buddhist Monastery

Welcome to Skycliffe, HÜMÜH's Monastery and Retreat Centre

Westbridge, British Columbia, Canada

Set your spirit free...

in the pristine, natural beauty
of a 220-acre mountain valley retreat
and nature reserve along the Kettle River Valley.

Let stress and noise fade away...

as your gaze delights in the contours of forested skylines and your hearing attunes to bird song and the murmur from the river. 

Wander sun-dappled hiking trails
and explore wooded mesas...

HÜMÜH Monastery’s Skycliffe Retreat offers a feast
for body, mind, and spirit to enjoy in every season.

The Skycliffe Experience...

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Experience the quiet and pristine beauty of Skycliffe’s mountain valley bordering the Kettle River, and find that place of silence and balance within your body, mind, and spirit.

HÜMÜH Teachings are primordial wisdom, spiritual Teachings existing from the beginning of time. Sometimes Teachings are given formally in the Forest Temple or the Stupa Garden, and other times they arise spontaneously wherever the Wisdom Master is present–on the Dining Hall porch or on a walk in the forest or down by the river. Regardless of the venue, receiving a Teaching from the Wisdom Master is an opportunity to awaken the dharma being within and see beyond the ordinary appearances of how we usually view life.

HÜMÜH spiritual practices draw from Buddhist and Taoist traditions and include quieting the mind through Third Eye Vision awareness of being aware, and daily prayers, chants, and meditation. HÜMÜH meditation is taught as living meditation, and Skycliffe visitors can join the monks in sitting meditations in the Forest Temple, walking meditations in the Stupa Garden, Tai Kar Chi, and Karma Yoga, where the meditative state is expressed through service activities.

There are a number of Spiritual Practice tools offered on the Skycliffe grounds, such as the Labyrinth, Karma Shedding Pit, Whirling Circle, Edge Walk, Meditation Hut, and more.

All of these dharma practices prepare the spiritual seeker to live from the natural state, a place of unlimited consciousness that is uncontrived and impartial, thus enabling one to live wholeheartedly and spontaneously in the present moment.

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Skycliffe is open for visitors on Sundays and Holidays from 9:00 am to 4:oo pm

Take a self-guided tour with our informational booklet. Relax…explore…and enjoy the Skycliffe grounds and all it has to offer. We welcome everyone!


Guest Lodges

Loghouse Guest Lodge – Brava House –
Paramita House – Vajra House


(open June – August)

Forest Cabins – Tent Cabins – Tenting/RV

How to Get to Skycliffe...


We are located in Southern British Columbia, Canada, not far from the U.S. border, near the center of Washington State. We are northeast of Rock Creek in Westbridge, along the banks of the Kettle River.

Driving Directions:

If you fly into Kelowna International Airport in the Southern Interior of the Province of British Columbia, and rent a car, the drive south to Skycliffe is approximately 2 hours.

  • As you leave Kelowna International Airport, turn L and go south on Hwy 97 for 8 km (1 mile = 1.6 km.)
  • Turn L onto Hwy 33.
  • Continue south on Hwy 33 for approximately 135 km to Westbridge.
  • Just before the bridge, turn L onto Christian Valley Road. 
  • Continue with directions From Westbridge below.

If you fly into Spokane International Airport in Eastern Washington State, and rent a car, the drive north to Skycliffe is approximately 4-5 hours, plus crossing the US-Canada border.

  • From the airport, take 90 East to 395 North (Exit 281) through Kettle Falls.
  • Continue north to the Laurier Canadian border crossing.
  • Just into Canada, at Cascade turn L on Hwy 3.
  • Follow Hwy 3 west through Grand Forks to Rock Creek.
  • At Rock Creek, turn R on Hwy 33.
  • Continue north on Hwy 33 to Westbridge (about 10 minutes, or approximately 13 km, 1 mile = 1.6 km).
  • After crossing the bridge, continue straight ahead onto Christian Valley Road.
  • Continue with direction From Westbridge
  • Follow Christian Valley Road northeast along the Kettle River, noting the red kilometer markers and the HÜMÜH signs along the way, until you reach the 27 km marker.
  • Turn R at the HÜMÜH rock mound, onto the small bridge over the river, and cross over the cattle guard.
  • Keep to the R at the fork in the road and follow the HÜMÜH signs for 3 km along Lost Horse Creek Forest Service Road, continuing to keep to the right.
  • Keep going straight onto Kettle River East Forest Service Road, and continue for 1 more km.
  • Enter the Skycliffe Gate, and follow the driveway down Prayer Flag Lane to the parking lot.