HÜMÜH Buddhist Centers

Welcome to Skycliffe, HÜMÜH's Monastery and Retreat Centre

Westbridge, British Columbia, Canada

Set your spirit free...

in the pristine, natural beauty
of a 220-acre mountain valley retreat
and nature reserve along the Kettle River Valley.

Let stress and noise fade away...

as your gaze delights in the contours of forested skylines and your hearing attunes to bird song and the murmur from the river. 

Wander sun-dappled hiking trails
and explore wooded mesas...

HÜMÜH Monastery’s Skycliffe Retreat offers a feast
for body, mind, and spirit to enjoy in every season.

HÜMÜH Dharma & Meditation Center

607 E. Beale Street, Kingman, Arizona, USA

Phone: (928) 293-1840

Everyone is Welcome...

Visit the HÜMÜH Buddhist Dharma & Meditation Center on 607 E. Beale Street, in the heart of historic Kingman. We offer a peaceful oasis for everyone who would like to learn about Buddhist dharma and the benefits of meditation in all areas of their lives.

The center is staffed by HÜMÜH monks appointed by the Wisdom Master.

Dharma and Meditation Center - inside

HÜMÜH Buddhist Study Groups

A HÜMÜH Buddhist Study Group is a gathering of spiritually-minded people who come together to listen to or read spiritual Teachings, discuss and meditate on their meaning, and ultimately, bring the Teachings into their daily lives. When a group of people comes together for the specific purpose of awakening the Divine Unlimited Consciousness within themselves, there is purity of intention that uplifts the whole.

Currently, there are Study Groups open to the public in British Columbia, Canada, as well as, in Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, and Virginia in the U.S.

Most Study Groups meet monthly for one hour, and begin with chanting the HÜM, followed by a Teaching of Wisdom Master Maticintin. 

Please call or e-mail for Study Group location and contact person in your area:
1-800-336-6015 •