HÜMÜH Initiate Home-Study Program


Please Note: There is no charge for the Teachings themselves, only a tuition fee of $99/individual or $130/couple annually to cover materials.

Through the
Golden Archway...

As an Initiate of HÜMÜH, you will learn through logic to ‘align your actions with your dreams,’ to live the life you want.

Maticintin, Wisdom Master

I vow I will not copy or share any of the Teachings, including audio CDs that I receive, without permission. I understand that they are all Sacred Teachings and I will treat them respectfully. I will not place non-HÜMÜH informational material or any object on top of them. I understand that to do so means that our agreement has been violated. I also understand that, except in very special circumstances, as determined by the Wisdom Master, no lost or destroyed Teaching will be replaced. This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time. No Refunds.

Please note: We will not charge you until your application has been accepted by the Wisdom Master.