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The spiritual essence that we have each inherited from the Divine is imperishable or immortal, transcending time and space, evolving from lifetime to lifetime. Such Divine Aspect through which we are defined is actually the light of God, also referred to in HÜMÜH as the VOID, where all mental obstructions are cleared away.

Why are we here in this life? To attain enlightenment; this is spiritual awakening, of this blessed nature that already resides within us. Herein, lays the Path taken by the HÜMÜH Initiate.

HÜMÜH Teaches the high road of Ati-Yoga, a Buddha realm otherwise known as The Great Perfection. As you learn to live life through Clear-Mind Vision/Third Eye Vision, your experiences with initiations light the way to transcend the difficulties of life, transmuting lesser energy into Awakened or Clear-Light Energy, where the welfare of a person’s body, mind and spirit awakens into its Divine Aspects. Such Awakening results in the HÜMÜH Initiate living a life that naturally serves the good of the whole.

Upon your decision to walk with me on this lofty Path of HÜMÜH, you will receive your First Initiation to be experienced in the privacy of your own home or in your chosen outdoor setting. The experience that follows initiation is that of a wedge driven between the ordinary and extra-ordinary, so that the light of Clear-Light Consciousness can flood into your being. What results in simple, ordinary ways will begin to refine your life and the lives of your loved ones – family, neighbors and friends in subtle, illuminating ways.

I invite you now to join me as an Initiate on the Path of HÜMÜH.

With Love that is Divine and Unconditional,

Wisdom Master

As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you will receive...

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Become a HÜMÜH Initiate
Attain Self-Mastery
HÜMÜH is a Spiritual Path...
...that transcends intellect into realization that brings forth the Enlightened Mind. To become a HÜMÜH Initiate is to become a student of Ati-Yoga and learn the secrets of health and abundance through Ati-Yoga Awakening. By living awake, you will learn constantly and experience yourself as an operative of the Universal Mind.
As a HÜMÜH Initiate...
you will acquire entrance into a state of Heightened Awareness that perceives situations as they really are, as well as, the ability to adjust them.
As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you will receive...
Initiations from Wisdom Master Maticintin that allow you to work interactively with the Wisdom Master at your own pace, while guided into revelations that are necessary for genuine spiritual development.
As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you will receive...
Monthly experiential discourses that we call Journeys which will be mailed to you as part of the Home-Study Program of HÜMÜH’s Transcendental Awareness Institute (TAI).
As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you will receive...
The Wish-Fulfilling Gem Mantra, a powerful chant that cultivates and awakens the Enlightened Mind.
As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you will receive...
Not only meditation instruction but guidance in maintaining the awareness of Clear-Mind Vision/Third Eye Vision so all of life becomes Living Meditation.
As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you will receive...
The opportunity to request taking the Bodhisattva Vow which enriches your life by living in a serviceable manner for the good of the whole.
As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you will receive...
The opportunity to work with Sakyamuni’s 100 Secret Formulas that develop the necessary awareness to live happily for the good of the whole.
As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you will receive...
Primordial Teachings that, when lived, enable you to become a conscious light-bender to reveal the opposites and complements of the physical universe.
As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you will receive...
Access to Audio Teachings on wide variety of topics on the HÜMÜH website.
As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you may receive...
Elective Courses on life-enriching topics sent to you in monthly installments of CDs with transcripts of the Wisdom Master's live Teachings on powerful subjects, such as: The Lankavatara Sutra, Secrets of the Book of Changes (I-Ching), Awakening in Meditation, and more...
As a HÜMÜH Initiate,...
you may elect to earn a Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degree in Logic and Buddhism.
Become a HÜMÜH Initiate
Attain Self-Mastery
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Comments from Current Initiates...

“On the Path of HÜMÜH, experiencing the unconditional love of the Wisdom Master and hearing the Primordial Teachings gives me the freedom to step out of my habitual ways of viewing life and begin living life the way I want to.”
—E.S., Kansas

“Being on the Path of HÜMÜH has been a never-ending journey of self-discovery. With the Wisdom Master’s guidance, I have been able to see more clearly what it takes to live a truly fulfilling life that uplifts those around me as well. The longer I am on the Path, the easier it is to let go of the limiting habits and viewpoints that prevent me from consistently living as a spiritual being. My life has been so enriched, that I barely recognize myself as the person who first stepped on this Path over 15 years ago.
—L.B., Texas

“Being an initiate on the path of HÜMÜH has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I have gained a sense of freedom that I had never experienced before and didn’t know was possible. Also, the genuine insights gained about the nature of how mind operates and how life is created from that, by learning to actually live the Path, have far surpassed the intellectual way I used to approach spirituality.”
—S.C., British Columbia

“Many enriching and worthwhile events have been part of life so far, but becoming a HÜMÜH student and working with Wisdom Master Maticintin continues to be the most valuable and interesting experience of my lifetime. The Teachings she pours forth and the example she sets continuously transform and uplift every aspect of life in an ongoing discovery of what it means to be truly human, to be ‘divinity wearing a body.’
—T.D., Washington

Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions may help shed light on some questions you might have about becoming an Initiate on the Path of HÜMÜH.

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An Initiate is a student enrolled in the HÜMÜH Initiate Program.
An Initiate receives Primordial Teachings, tools, and techniques from the Wisdom Master to study and spiritually practice. The Initiate makes a commitment to spiritually progress in this lifetime, and that commitment becomes an ‘agreement’ to work with the Wisdom Master and have her guide the Initiate’s spiritual development.

‘Wisdom Master’ is the title of respect given to a person who has attained God Realization.
God Realization is an awakened state beyond attainment of enlightenment. A Wisdom Master naturally possesses inherent knowledge about how the mind of each sentient life form operates, how life and death operate, how universes exist, and how the Pure Mind operates.  A Wisdom Master has access to God/Void. A Wisdom Master is as rare as finding a diamond in the ocean.

It is difficult for us to see what we are doing that causes stress, unhappiness, or suffering in our lives.  And because we can’t see what we are doing, it’s hard to see how to change the unwanted circumstances into what we want in our lives. A Spiritual Teacher, who is Awake, sees through the appearances of life, and, therefore, can see our limitations and point out directions that may allow us to rise above such difficulties and move forward. A Spiritual Teacher is compassionate and unconditionally loving, and works with people who sincerely want spiritual freedom.

You will receive the First Initiation right away
and then begin receiving monthly Journeys.  You will have access to the Initiate Library, which includes the audio and transcription of supplemental Teachings.  In addition, after the first month, you will receive a Journey in the mail each month, and from the beginning, your spiritual progress will be mentored by the Wisdom Master and the Spiritual Council.

Studying the Teachings and applying them to your daily life allows you to deepen your understanding of the Teachings received. Your new discoveries from doing the spiritual practices recommended by the Wisdom Master will help change how you see life and serve you in ways that will bring happiness and a feeling of peace.

It is important to honor and work with the Teachings in a committed way at your own pace.
The Wisdom Master holds no expectations, and encourages us not to “rush” anything as we spiritually practice, but to give ourselves wholeheartedly to living the Teachings to the best of our present ability.

I invite YOU now to join me as an Initiate on the Path of HÜMÜH