HÜMÜH Transcendental Buddhism - School of Ati-Yoga
"It's All in The Mind - Part 2" (43 min.)
In this Teaching, the Wisdom Master explains how everything we think, say and do takes form, and because of that, we have the ability to create the life that we want through developing the clarity to make conscious choices.

"It's All in The Mind - Part 1" (43 min.)
The Wisdom Master explains what mind is and how the lives we live are an exact reflection of what we carry in mind. She then reveals the secret to taking charge of our lives, so our lives can be exactly what we want them to be. ...

"Body and Mind United" (48 min.)
The Wisdom Master explains the gifts that come from the body and mind being in sync and aligned with the present moment, and also the difficulties that arise when this unity is lacking.


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