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InitiationFollowing Sharon into the unpredictable twists and turns of her sometimes reluctant, but always expanding, relationship with her remarkable Spiritual Teacher is both unnerving and exhilarating.

This is not a story of pious recital of religious platitudes. This is the story of an ordinary woman precariously balanced between the very strong pull of her American, mid-western upbringing and the relentless hunger of her own unique spiritual intuition.

In a simple yet startling way, Initiation reveals the story of the divine spark that struggles to awaken within each of us.

2005, 430 pages, softcover 6 x 9,
ISBN: 0-932927-20-3, $21.95



You might as well ask what it’s like to be a student of a Buddha, and the answer is … to be EMBELLISHED.

To be embellished means to become aware of who I am as a divine being, and to have that awareness ignited in me as a result of what I was learning from the Teachings of the Wisdom Master. And what I was learning was a great deal more than I had ever anticipated. First of all, I was learning that life is really a dream, a dream of my own making, and that by living in a certain way I could change that dream to make my life into what I had always wanted it to be. In this way, I came to see that I never have to be a victim of circumstances.

By learning to free myself from old habits and unconscious patterns, my life took on a vibrant quality; there was a deep inner joy that began to take root, that couldn't be shaken no matter what the surface situation of my life happened to be. I began to have glimmers of what it is to be enlightened, which is vast, beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

The dichotomy of this grand awakening that I was experiencing was that the old me, what the Wisdom Master calls the ‘little self,’ or personality, was not so ready to relinquish its rule over me. For many years, I had lived, happily and unhappily, with a sense of identity, a feeling of ‘this is who I am,’ and that part of me was well established. Even though I had said many times, ‘if only I could find a way to improve my life, I would gladly do it,’ when the opportunity was granted to me, there was a part that wanted to go forward, and a part that wanted to hold back, to cling to the familiar.

It’s quite a roller coaster ride at times, because of this push-pull of the little self versus the divine self. More and more I came to trust the Wisdom Master, because each time I come to a difficult point in my life, I saw that the Teacher was able to illuminate the way for me to move through it and come out happier on the other side.

I also began to realize that the Wisdom Master only related to me as a divine being and had no self-interest at all invested in what I did, caring only that I became the person I had always wanted to be, living the life I always wanted to have. The Teacher’s sole purpose in this relationship with me was to teach me how to live as a divine being...to be embellished.

My story, Initiation, is a true experience of being a student of a Wisdom Master. I wrote it to show, via my personal experiences, some of the karmic pitfalls each individual must face as they embark on their path to awakening, and as an encouragement for others to keep going forward toward their destiny.