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Clear-Light Living Meditation, Vol. 1A Shining Jewel of a Book!

Whether you're a long-time meditator, or a neophyte, Wisdom Master Maticintin's Clear-Light Living Meditation invites you to discover the power of becoming a conscious creator through light infusion.

With unerring simplicity, the author guides the reader to explore their own divinity through learning to witness the ever-changing light signature that dances within one's consciousness. She shows the meditator how to develop awareness through an intimate relationship with the light stream, a relationship that both revitalizes life and improves health. As this takes place, sitting meditation and moving-about meditation cease to be separate, and life itself becomes a joyous living meditation.

Here is a spiritual reading well-worth keeping near at hand.

2008, 94 pages, softcover 6 x 9, ISBN: 978-0-932927-27-9, $9.95