HÜMÜH Transcendental Buddhism - School of Ati-Yoga

Chod: Cutting Through Obstacles
In this practical and powerful spiritual Teaching, Wisdom Master Maticintin unfolds the ancient Buddhist spiritual practice of Chod. Originally engaged in as a shamanic exercise in many forms of Buddhism, Chod was literally carried out in graveyards and charnel grounds to help the practitioner break through the delusionary fears and limitations of the ego.

Here, in this fresh and potent presentation, Maticintin guides the attention of the 21st century reader to recognize the opportunities of the liminal or threshold states that occur all the time within the daily movements of mind. She shows us that when we are consciously poised on that liminal inner threshold, we then have the capability of choice. In that quiet space that exists where light and dark meet, we can see in both directions. Then, we are able to choose—either the freedom of living authentically as the divine awareness we truly are from the expansive, intuitive light of the supra-liminal state that serves the well-being of all sentient life, or of allowing the self-centered, limitations of the ego to dominate through the subliminal emotions of fear-based anger, lust, greed, vanity, and clinging.

With habit-shattering clarity and inspiration, the Wisdom Master shows us exactly how, moment by moment, we are the creators of the lives we live.

2014, 174 pages, soft cover 6 x 9,
ISBN: 978-0932927-31-6, $18.95