HÜMÜH Transcendental Buddhism - School of Ati-Yoga

Chod: Cutting Through ObstaclesWith startling insight into the most ordinary aspects of daily life, Wisdom Master Maticintin reveals the hidden mechanism through which our own life and all existence around us is constantly created. “If we view life a certain way, we will live in that certain way. And if we live in that certain way, there are certain results that come from that, because living in a certain way is a cause.” (from Chapter 1)

Page after page, the Wisdom Master shows us how the way life is perceived becomes the cause of how it is lived—with all the wanted and unwanted consequences that flow from that. If we live without conscious awareness, then how we live automatically becomes the further cause of how that view is carried forward in countless applications of limitation. Yet all the while, innumerable options surround us. How then can we break free and live the life we want to live? For the reader who sincerely dares to ask that question, the Wisdom Master offers the answer: We learn to access and live the moment from that silent place of awareness of being aware that views, and therefore acts, without the limitation of bias. That then becomes the cause of unlimited spiritual evolution.

“We can feel that silent place within ourself. That is the place where all knowledge comes from. It is also the place where conditions of health and abundance come from. It is also where happiness comes from….It is these conditions that bring about causes that uplift for the good of the whole.”
(from Chapter 6)

2015, 164 pages, soft cover 4.25 x 7,
(This book’s compact size makes it a travel companion anytime, anywhere.)