Living for the Good of the Whole

Ancient Method for World Peace 
Recreating Balance on Our Planet

Maticintin, Wisdom Master

The method is simple… 

Instead of dwelling on desire & wishful thinking, 
begin living for the good of the whole. 

Arise each morning with a prayer that says,  
“I live this day for the good of the whole.” 
Then…remember your vow throughout the day. 
Very subtle but profoundly uplifting changes will come to pass around you. 

You are a part of the whole, 
so you will naturally reap the benefits 
of living in this way,
and all of life and its life forms will benefit. 

Out of such UNITY with life
a better world will emerge. 

Maticintin, Wisdom Master

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'Living for the Good of the Whole' 

by Wisdom Master Maticintin 

©p 2016 Maticintin